The Frijoles Story

Frijoles was born in the Hispanic-cultural-rich city of Las Colinas in 1982. True to its roots Frijoles was a pioneer in creating dishes that temped the pallet by infusing strong Mexican staples such as: corn tortillas, fresh avocados and rich sauces. In 2000 the Taherian family took the reigns of the already sterling Frijoles name and opened its doors at a new location in North Richland Hills. The North Richland Hills locations has settled into its new home and prides itself in community involvement. As Papi Taherian would always say, “Bubby, we’re here for the people!” So from our family to yours, Bienvenido a la Familia!

Dear guest,

Our greatest matter of importance is to provide a positive experience for our guests and employees in a safe and healthy environment. We have always and will always continue to take all the necessary steps and precautions as it pertains to upholding meticulous hygiene and cleanliness procedures and practices.

As the concern for COVID-19 continues to grow, we want to make our guests aware of the steps we have taken to maintain a clean & healthy environment for everyone that visits our restaurants.

Steps we have taken:

• Continue to closely monitor updates from the CDC, WHO and our local state health departments so we are informed.
• Constantly remind our employees of the recommended hygiene & health practices and preventative measures to take including:
o Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
o Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60-95% alcohol
o Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
o Stay home if sick
o Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that have been touched
o Cover nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing with a tissue, then immediately dispose of that tissue and then wash hands
• Posted an informational sheet created by ServSafe in staff common areas listing tips for prevention and proper monitoring.
• Increased the frequency and extent of our cleaning & disinfecting practices, especially as it pertains to objects and surfaces that are routinely touched by guests.
• Informed staff to stay home if they feel ill
• Provided additional sanitizer stations to all of our restaurants.

Our leadership, management and support staff are working carefully to encourage the above simple and effective actions in order to protect our community, staff and guests.

All the best,